Friday, December 4, 2009

Very random.....! :D

Church at the Bendixens!

After church our family went to a book store!

Oh yes... they also had a starbucks in there! :P :D

Sunday at the Carrigers!

Sunday at our house!

Pictures from the day we went to the ski swap! :)

At the park!

Pictures from thanksgiving day! :D (Kinda out of order) :P

This was the day when we were going to the rescue mission to sing for people! after words our whole family went out for dinner! :D

(only 2 pictures... ) :P

Sorry that was a very random post.... and sooo out of order! :P


Kevin Wegner said...

Wow!!!! You updated!!! :P :D There's a ton of pictures!!! I have to ask - who won in arm wrestling, you or Rachel? :P :D

Great post though, awesome pics!!! Oh and btw, I love the updated playlist! :D :D

God Bless! Hopefully see you Sunday! :D


J.J. Biddinger said...

Oooooooh... that's quite that post there Hannah. I counted three days of Home Church, a ski swap (which I still don't understand) and some miscellaneous events... very cool! It was fun seeing it all... especially myself in one of the photos! :)

I must say, however, that your "park" looks a lot like our "arcade". ;)

Thanks for updating! Very well done, and hopefully we'll see you all soon...

In Christ,
J.J. Biddinger

Rachel M. said...

I enjoyed the post, Hannah. :D

God bless you,

Hannahbanana said...

I won the arm wrestling!:P
(it wasn't really that much of a challenge.):P :D jk
Yes!! I updated, big Wow! :P
I wonder how long it will be til my next update... who know's! we don't have a computer at our house anymore... except Rachel's :P so very rarely will I be on! :P :D
God bless, see ya tomorrow... I think! :)

The Marshall Artists said...

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you updated. And of couse Kevin and JJ are first to coment! uhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!
Oh well. Great post Hannah! I've go to do a ranum post sometime on our blog! I really miss you!

I love you.


Hannahbanana said...

I lovvveee you too, Trina!! :D
Me miss you really bad. :( <3

Kevin Wegner said...

Haha I figured you won :P :D You looked pretty determined in that picture! :P :D This post is so long it's like two-in-one!:D I can't get on too much either... Ryan is always on :P :D

God Bless! :)

Ryan Wegner said...

Very nice pics Hannah! There's a bunch there. And I don't spend hardly any time on the computer. Don't listen to Kev. He exaggerates ;)