Saturday, September 25, 2010

More Pictures

I didn't want to do another random post, but...! our computer at home doesn't work anymore so I can only use my dads, which is at his work. So I can't really get on much :( I hope you like the pictures! :D

We had the B's over!

lol! Abbs!

trying on my dads old glasses :P


that Abigail! :P :D
some pics from Jeriah and Aurora's reception
Victoria! :D
Katie! :D

Kevin! :)

Amy! :D

Pictures from around our house!

Lem got ahold of my camera and took like 1oo pics of himself. lol! :D

Sarah did too! :P :D

Rachie! :D



My new haircut :P


Hiding from the camera

My little boyfriend!

Daddy! :D

Eheh, um Abby... :P

Leah doing Rachel's hair! :D