Thursday, May 27, 2010

Kinda random!

At a coffee shop with the church group! Kevin!!! :D

lol! Abigail!!

Katie!! :D

Amy!! :D

Kevin and Sarah playling the piano! :D

Katie and Justin!!

Little Amity baby!! =)

Little Justin!! :D

Playing vb!

more volleyball!

lol! Victoria!! :)

Thats Sarah! lol!
Abby and me! :P




eeekk! dirty little feet!

Rachie! :)

Thats all for nows! :D

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Pictures from the camping trip.

lol! Rache dumped the whole box of trailmix on Ryans lap! Awesome rae!!

messy messy... :P

"I'm sorry ryan"


Amity baby!! :)

Driving to the lake!

I decided to draw in the sand! :D

Levi Sarah and Jacob were making sand castles. :)

Abby and vickey were making some too!

Ele, Levi and Jacob :)


Talking a walk around the lake.

Bear and Amanda!



Sitting around the camp fire

Abby again! :P :D

on our last day of the camping trip, we went on the sleeping bear dunes.
there was some very pretty scnerey from up there! :)

Sarah, and Leah!

Levi was going to try to slide down the big sand hill! :P :D
( didn't work to well though) :P

Bear, Sarah, Lem, and victoria!

Levi caught a butterfly :(

more pretty scenery!

Leah, and Abby!

Levi! :) (and the poor butterfly) :P

pretty scenery! :D

Jacob, Levi, Abby, and me! :P :D

Levi running down the deep sand dune.

Ele and Levi! :)

Some of them were heading back to the van

We went to a restaurant afterwards!


God bless ya'll! :D