Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I've been tagged by. Kevin Wegner and Courtney

A movie I watched: Prince Caspian

A moment I will always remember: When we went to see Ray Comfort, and Kirk Cameron

A new skill I acquired: Reading music.

A lesson I learned: Not to leave Cookies unattended LOL

A new place I visited this year: S. Manitou Island.

A book I read: Do hard things

An inspiring verse or quote: Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition, from mediocre minds.

More random pictures

Me and Catrina As you can see Charity really slammed that ball.
Not that I have anything against Rachel
by posting these weird pics
but she's always doing something Funny I really like this picture of Leah

Abigail and Catrina

It was just SO.... funny, to see that horse take of with Charity. As she tried to control it.