Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A post...

Wow, I haven't posting since 2010... It's now 2012 :P lol! Here are some pictures I scrounged up. sorry there aren't too many this time, and there kinda random. I'll try to be more faithful in updating my blog more often.



Justin and me. He's so cute!
This was taken at our friends wedding.

Abby and me. Hm... I believe we were heading on over to Ryan and Rachel's :)

Me, Rachie and Charity! Christmas day. Our eyes look kinda... blue. lol!

Jason! So cute!

Leah! I forget when I took this one :P

This pic is awesome!

Abby and Amy! :) This was also at the wedding.

Uh... Christmas day. Wow, these are so out of order! ;)

Amy, Abby, Katie, Me, Leah and Jemima! :) (Wedding)

Me and Katie! :)

Thats all for now. Hope ya'll liked them.