Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Random post! :D

Saying goodbye to the W's

Victoria and Jason! :D

Charity and Sarah!! :D

Catrina!!! :D and Me! :P

small group picture
Catrina me Faith and Brianna! :D

Playing some softball! :D

And Volleyball!!! :D

Emma!! :D


Trina!!! :D

Kevin!!! :D

Lemuel got his hair cut! :P
He's still very cute!!! :D

Lemuel and Levi!

Annick and Rache! :D

Trina and me! :P :D

Going to the coffee shop! :P

Vicy Annick Rachel Carity and Evvie

Alison and me! :D

Rachel and Faith are at it again!!!! :P only this time Rachel won! :P