Wednesday, February 11, 2009

pictures from the skiing trip

on our way to boyne ski hill

Here's Andrew and Ryan being crazy!!!

going up on the ski lift

That's El down there throwing snow balls.
it was hard to tell that it was him with out his bright yellow coat

Ryan took a big fall,I just wish I got pics of him crashing,
it was pretty funny :D LOL

OK I didn't want to put this picture on here,but if I didn't
then I couldn't put those two funny pics of .J.J and Kevin on here

there's Rachel talking away!!
afterwards we went to DQ and Starbucks both at the same time
you can tell Abby and Vic are enjoying it ;D
Kevin and J.J. were reading us a story
J.J. reading
thats all for now,God Bless

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I've been tagged by. Kevin Wegner and Courtney

A movie I watched: Prince Caspian

A moment I will always remember: When we went to see Ray Comfort, and Kirk Cameron

A new skill I acquired: Reading music.

A lesson I learned: Not to leave Cookies unattended LOL

A new place I visited this year: S. Manitou Island.

A book I read: Do hard things

An inspiring verse or quote: Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition, from mediocre minds.

More random pictures

Me and Catrina As you can see Charity really slammed that ball.
Not that I have anything against Rachel
by posting these weird pics
but she's always doing something Funny I really like this picture of Leah

Abigail and Catrina

It was just SO.... funny, to see that horse take of with Charity. As she tried to control it.