Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I've been tagged by. Kevin Wegner and Courtney

A movie I watched: Prince Caspian

A moment I will always remember: When we went to see Ray Comfort, and Kirk Cameron

A new skill I acquired: Reading music.

A lesson I learned: Not to leave Cookies unattended LOL

A new place I visited this year: S. Manitou Island.

A book I read: Do hard things

An inspiring verse or quote: Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition, from mediocre minds.


Kevin Wegner said...

Hmmmmmm......you were tagged twice. Who tagged you first?

Hannahbanana said...

I just found out that Courtney tagged me first

Kevin Wegner said...


Hannahbanana said...


Kevin Wegner said...

I think you're only supposed to be tagged once.
Anyway, are you ready for Tuesday? I can't wait. We'll see how much I can embarrass myself trying to learn to ski.


Hannahbanana said...

I am really exited! For Tuesday!
I doubt you will do bad!
But if you fall...
I promise, not to laugh in front of you!!!

Kevin Wegner said...

Oh, thanks so much! LOL! I won't mind if people laugh. It's part of the "learning experience". The Ryans can't wait to see me falling though.

I can't wait!!
I've been waiting for about two months. See you tomorrow!!!

The Marshall Artists said...

Hey Hannnah,

How are you? Sorry I haven't called you lately.:( Looks like your going skiing on Tuesday! What fun! You just won't be teaching me.:( Oh well.

love you Hannah!

Love your best friend,

Hannahbanana said...

I'm doing great!
I miss you. I'm sorry, I have not called you either.
Love you! :)

Kevin said...

How was skiing???? I thought it was great!