Sunday, March 8, 2009

Pictuers from five years ago!

Its amazing how five years can make a huge difference, in growth, looks, and such! :) weired

Rachel at age sixteen,
the only thing I can say funny about this picture is,
(she has Braces!!!) hehehe!!!!!!!
Well... than again- No! Never mind! :)

Victoia and Sarah, Little muddy buddies!!!!!! :D

Like my pet? :P

Hmmm........well, I don't know what to write about,
on these pics,
lets just say -very young :)

Awww!!!!!!Vica-roo... were really crazy at that age.......:P

here's the whole family,wait,Lemuel wasn't there, never mind.

Awww!!!!!! they were adorable :)

I can fly!!!!!

Oh did I ever tell you that those
puppies were born on my birthday?
that was the best birthday ever :D

This was thanksgiving, we had the Bedixens over :)
Along with the extended Family.
These are my cousins, Stephanie and Steven.

our fist canoe trip with the church group :D

that's my BIG!
I should say- little sister Charity!!!! :D

and that's all,I was going to post some pics from our vacation,
when we got here,
I found out, that I left my cords at home.
Sooo... I can't post them until I get home :(
But I hope you liked the pictures