Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Well I wanted to add pics to this post,but it was to late so.
I'll have to do them next time, :)this is from the shamu show we seen.
it was really fun!,especially the part when you get splashed by the shamu
with 100 gallons of water, so Charity,and I,and some of the little ones wanted to sit in
the soak yeah we got soaked it was a lot of FUN!
and I'll post the rest of my pics on my next update:)

Saturday, March 21, 2009


They are going to kill me!
But it was worth it!! :P
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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Pictures of our trip to FL

here's some pics from our vacation from FL,I hope you like them :)

here we start off with us at starbucks ;)

we were on a bike ride and us girls had the most awesome!! idea,
and you probably know what that idea was!!!!! :D

here we are resting after a long bike ride.
that starbucks is the best!!!!!a nice outside.....thing,
were you can relaxe and enjoy your ice mocha!!!! :)
smile for the camera Charity!!!!!!

OH YEAH!!!!!!(that's Abby behind there) :)

awww.....I like this picture,he
wanted me to take a pic of his
new hair cut,PRETTY COOL LEM!!!!!
as you can see, in thees two pics,he kinda needed one :P

he's still very CUTE!!!!!

Rachel!!!!!! she never gives up,she's just
bound and Determined that she's some how going to win!!!!:D

hmmm......She didn't know if she wanted to leave her jacket on, or take it off.
She was a bit undesided on that, so I guess she thought she would just leave it kind of in between! Really though, it was chilly for the first three days, then it warmed up to a nice temp: of 70 :)

the little ones loved coming here,and I can see why
there's so many toy's there to play with!!!!!! :)
putting faces on Mrs; potato head
and Mr. patato head
Lemuel was being very Creative :D

as you can seethere was a lot to choose from, they had lots of FUN!!!!!

it was Fun to watch them play :D
my hero......I mean......there hero :P

they even had a COFFEE SHOP THERE,and I'll have to say,
they're right up there with STARBUCKS!!!!!!

here's a couple pics of the place we stayed in

Sorry Leah that thing is taller than you!!!!!! :(

Wow! Abby you're very good at those chin-ups !!!!!

Ummm.....your getting there Sarah,keep trying!:)

OH YEAH VOLLEYBALL!!!!!!these should be on top
because this is like the first thing we thought of doing
(of course!!!!!) ;)
the winner!!!!!!!(I thought I should just let them win):P
you do know I let her win don't you????
there's my team,the best team!!!!!!! :)

Vicy and Sarah,cheering us on!!!!!! :D

that's...that,well let's take a picture of the star players!! :D
Bye! every,one that's all for this post!!!! :D
OH but I have more coming so look later! :) God bless you all

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Pictuers from five years ago!

Its amazing how five years can make a huge difference, in growth, looks, and such! :) weired

Rachel at age sixteen,
the only thing I can say funny about this picture is,
(she has Braces!!!) hehehe!!!!!!!
Well... than again- No! Never mind! :)

Victoia and Sarah, Little muddy buddies!!!!!! :D

Like my pet? :P

Hmmm........well, I don't know what to write about,
on these pics,
lets just say -very young :)

Awww!!!!!!Vica-roo... were really crazy at that age.......:P

here's the whole family,wait,Lemuel wasn't there, never mind.

Awww!!!!!! they were adorable :)

I can fly!!!!!

Oh did I ever tell you that those
puppies were born on my birthday?
that was the best birthday ever :D

This was thanksgiving, we had the Bedixens over :)
Along with the extended Family.
These are my cousins, Stephanie and Steven.

our fist canoe trip with the church group :D

that's my BIG!
I should say- little sister Charity!!!! :D

and that's all,I was going to post some pics from our vacation,
when we got here,
I found out, that I left my cords at home.
Sooo... I can't post them until I get home :(
But I hope you liked the pictures