Thursday, May 20, 2010

Pictures from the camping trip.

lol! Rache dumped the whole box of trailmix on Ryans lap! Awesome rae!!

messy messy... :P

"I'm sorry ryan"


Amity baby!! :)

Driving to the lake!

I decided to draw in the sand! :D

Levi Sarah and Jacob were making sand castles. :)

Abby and vickey were making some too!

Ele, Levi and Jacob :)


Talking a walk around the lake.

Bear and Amanda!



Sitting around the camp fire

Abby again! :P :D

on our last day of the camping trip, we went on the sleeping bear dunes.
there was some very pretty scnerey from up there! :)

Sarah, and Leah!

Levi was going to try to slide down the big sand hill! :P :D
( didn't work to well though) :P

Bear, Sarah, Lem, and victoria!

Levi caught a butterfly :(

more pretty scenery!

Leah, and Abby!

Levi! :) (and the poor butterfly) :P

pretty scenery! :D

Jacob, Levi, Abby, and me! :P :D

Levi running down the deep sand dune.

Ele and Levi! :)

Some of them were heading back to the van

We went to a restaurant afterwards!


God bless ya'll! :D


~Miss Zara~ said...

can you email me as i'm forgetting your address

Katie Wegner said...

Awesome Pictures Hannah! I wish we could've come. I hope we can do a another camping trip during the summer this year, then we can all go :) .

See you Sunday!

Love Ya,

Patriot Ponies said...

Great pictures Hannah! You all look like you had a ton of fun! Maybe someday I'll get to go camping since I've never been.

Love ya bunches!

J.J. Biddinger said...

Wonderful photos, Hannah! The picture and background of "Jacob, Levi, Abby, and me! :P :D" is absolutely incredible. Lots of other great ones too!

And lol, you mentioned Levi's name 9 times. He's quite the popular kid. ;)

God bless,

Kevin Wegner said...

Awesome pictures Hannah! I agree with JJ, that picture of You, Abby, Jacob and Levi is really nice! There's some other really awesome ones too! :D Looks like it was a fun time! :D

Hopefully see you Sunday!

God Bless,