Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Church at the Biddingers! :D celebarating Andrew being graduated from school! Wish it were me! :P

Up north with the Coopers! :D

Well thats all for now, God bless everyone! :D


Kevin Wegner said...

Nice pictures Hannah!!! Loks like you had a real good time! :D

J.J. Biddinger said...
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J.J. Biddinger said...

Haha, first comment deleted. Let's try again, and this time fix a small typo. :P

If I'm not mistaken, I was able to see myself in the first photo! What an honor... for you all at least. :P

Very cool post! Wow, the trip up north looks like so much fun! :D

God bless,

Levi Bendixen said...

Ah! Finally after many a month I happed upon the Up North pictures. Well done my good and faithful servant.