Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A few Random pictures!


Lemuel, Sarah, and Jason!

Katie, Charity, Rache and Amy!

Abby! :P

Kevin! :)

Amy and Sarah! :)

Katie! :)



Pictures from my moms birthday!

Aww... :P

Ehem.. here are some crazy pics of Abby eating her cake :P

*sigh* that Abigail :P
lol! :P



Hehe! Abigail

Thats all for now!
God bless! :)


Kevin Wegner said...

Great pictures Hannah! :) I really like them! That picture of me is... um... interesting :P But it's a great post :) It was real fun at your house that Tuesday! :) And it looks like you guys had fun celebrating Lem's, Abby's, and your mom's birthdays!

oh, are you guys still coming on Saturday to the boat race?


Hannahbanana said...

Yeah were still coming!
Abby and I are making a boat so we can join :) It should be fun!
I hope it's a hot day Saturday... :D
I hope you have a good time at camp! and I'll see you Saturday! :)


Kevin Wegner said...
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Kevin Wegner said...

Ok, I just heard something from Ryan and was wondering :) It sounds like it will be fun! I hope my boat doesn't sink on me! :P Their saying it's supposed to be about 80 degrees in Croswell on Saturday, so it won't be burning hot, but it won't be cold either ;)

and camp...

God Bless!


Amy said...

Cool Post! lol, Abby! She's so fun!

See you hopefully Sunday... I don't know if we're coming to church yet... with Mom just getting home from the hospital.... yeah, we'll see. :)


Patriot Ponies said...

Nice post Hannah! I love your random picture posts! :D

Miss you so much and I hope you having a lot of fun!

Love ya bunches!


Hannahbanana said...

Trina: Yeah come to think of it, I always title them as random :P

Kevin: Hey I think it would be fun to sink! ;)

Amy: I'm not so sure we're coming to church yet :( Are you and Katie going to camp?

Katie Wegner said...

I wish we could've come to camp, but we couldn't :( . See ya hopefully next Sunday!

Love Ya,

J.J. Biddinger said...

Awesome collection of photos, Hannah! Good seeing you all again the last few days. :)

Sarah E. said...

Looks like your family has a lot of fun!