Thursday, March 11, 2010


(these pictures are all out of order) :P

Ryan and Rache, saying their looonnngg goodbyes! :P :)


I don't know what he's doing here! :P :D

Hehe! Charity! :)

watching on the kids!! :)

Group picture!! :D
Abby, Victoria, Sarah, Lemuel,

Pictures from Sunday!
lol! yep thats my daddy!! :D
Abby Audery and Elizabeth!!
(kind of a dark picture!) :P

lol! Kevin!!! :D

haha, nice try Charity!


Pictures from skiing
Katie and Amy!! :D

Lunch time!

Abby and Amy!

Ryan and Rachy going up on the lift!

Leah!! :D
Abby and Amy!! =D

Katie!!! =D

Macaryan and Rae!! :P :D


J.J. Biddinger said...

Woah, lots of cool pictures, Hannah! Your dad has quite the expression. ;) The others are fantastic too!

God bless you all!

Katie Wegner said...

LOL! That first one of Ryan and Rachel is a good one =D . If only they were looking at each other =P.

That was awesome skiing. We should do it again sometime =).

LOL. That one of Kev is funny. It looks like he was going to hit himself =P .

Nice pictures Hannah! See you Sunday.


Patriot Ponies said...

YEAH you posted! Thanks Hannah! Great pictures to! Lots of Mcrayan and Rae! (grin)

Miss you! Keep posting!

I love you!


Amy said...

I like the one of Ryan and Rachel saying their Looooonnnng goodbye! lol I can't believe you put that one picture of me on there, Hannah! IT's AWFUL!!! I like the rest of the pictures though. :)

Skiing was so fun!

See you Sunday!


Kevin Wegner said...

Nice pictures Hannah!!! :D There's some good ones of Ryan and Rachel in there... :P The pictures from skiing are great! I wish I didn't have my ortho app. that day :( oh well... See you Sunday!! :D God bless! Kevin

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