Friday, January 15, 2010

I've been tagged by Kevin!! :D

I was tagged by Kevin! :D from KevinWegnersBlog. Thank you Kevin!!! :D :D

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Have you ever been to a rodeo? Yeah, I was pretty young at the time, but I did go to one in Wyoming! :D

Have you ever tried to ride a cow?
I did! :D I was 11 years old, and a couple kids dared me to ride their cow, so I did! It kind of got mad lol and threw me off! But it was fun! :P

Have you ever milked a cow or goat?
I never milked a cow. But a goat, yes!

Have you ever been to a demolition derby?
Yeah… :P
What's your favorite country song?
Hmmm. There’s quite a lot; but I’ll just name off a few. :) I like: Love Story—Taylor Swift. I’m only me when I’m with you—Taylor Swift. I will—Billy Gilman. So small—Carrie Underwood. Lol some of my sisters think I’m crazy for liking some of those. :P
Do you like to hunt?
Hehe! I’ve never been hunting. :D Am I missing out on something great?!

Have you ever cooked your breakfast over an open fire in your backyard?
I did heat up brown beans once, while playing Oregon trail with my sissy’s! :D

Have you ever thought that the muck was shallow and when you stepped in it, you sank knee deep?
No! I’ve dove in the mud to rescue a ball while playing some active sport though! :D

What is the hardest thing you have ever done?
I don’t know, that’s a hard question. :D Probably answering this question! :D jk :P

(The question is optional) What's one of your most embarrassing moments?
Ok! The most embarrassing moment I ever had was when we were in Florida last year. I was going to push Abigail into the pool; there were other people around too, to make everything worse. :P As I went to push her in, she decided to jump in. Well I lost my balance, and fell in the pool. I’m talking about falling in, with my cloths on, my shoes, my ear buds in, mp3 player on! It was really embarrassing. Lol And I had an audience, all these old people were like just staring at me. So I climb out of the pool dripping wet, trying to not make a big deal about it.
But here’s Rachel and mom laughing their head’s off, at me. I’m trying to tell them to be quiet so as not to attract anymore attention to it. But most of you probably know, how hopeless it is to get a firstborn to be quiet! ;)
Well I did survive! My whole family laughed at me. :P Now that I think back on it, it was pretty funny! :D But oh my goodness was I embarrassed! :D

I'm going to tag:

Trina! <3 @Marshall’s arts
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God bless all of you! ~Love Hannah~

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J.J. Biddinger said...

Wow... two posts in two weeks... this has to be a record! ;) That's a good embarrassing moment! Thanks for sharing. :)

I'm surprised at the number of people who've done this "tag"...

God bless,

Katie Wegner said...
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Katie Wegner said...

LOL!!! Nice post =D .

Can't wait to see you Sunday =D


Amy said...

LOL!!! Cool post, Hannah! Can't wait to see you Sunday! Love ya!


Kevin Wegner said...

Nice answers Hannah! :D I remember hearing about your embarrassing moment :P lol It must have been pretty funny to see :P I imagine it must have ruined your mp3 player though... :D

God Bless You!! :D!
See you Sunday!!!


Kevin Wegner said...

Oh, and btw, you are missing out on something since you've never been hunting ;D :P

Patriot Ponies said...

Oh wow thanks Hannah I wondered if I'd ever get tagged for anything! Acctaully Lucas already tagged me but I guess I could do it for both of you! This is going to be fun!

I hope your doing well. That talent show and the A's looked like a lot of fun!!!! LOL!
Keep up the good work!

I love you!


Hannahbanana said...

Errggg.... Sorry about that! :P
I liked reading it though! lol :D

Miss you tons!! I'll call you Soon, it's been awhile :(


Love ya bunches! :D