Thursday, May 28, 2009

May pics, part one. :P

The wedding! :)
Levi! Just in case you couldn't tell.

O...K... Abigail! :P
We had to wait a long long long long................... time for the bride groom and party to get back from their pictures! :p we tried to volley but as you can see no one was really dressed for it. :P

This was actually kind of boring but it was still something to do so we did it just long enough for the picure1 :)
ok, now I will post some better pics. tomorrow
saving the best for last!!


Andrew Biddinger said...

You all just looked like you were sitting around wishing I was there. *Sigh*

Oh, well. We see you all soon! Thanks Hannah!

Kevin Wegner said...

Good pictures! I'm waiting for the other ones...! See you Sunday!

J.J. Biddinger said...

* refuses urge to mention my anger for not being able to comment first * :D

I wish we could've gone! Looks like fun. =)

God bless,