Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Random Pic's

At My Grandparents My Dad was fixing their TV so Grandma had us over for dinner!
Lem and Manda!

Smile! :)Victoria!


I took this really weird pic... Of Rache, She Probably won't like it. But I think its strangely becoming. ;)


Anonymous said...

The 'random pictures' post is fun to-do. Your's are very nice, Hannah. :D

I once had to remove a crazy picture of Katie... but only because Andrew told me to do it... not Katie herself ;) But there are some horrid photos I could post of my siblings, and Andrew often threatens he will create a whole new Blogger just for bad pictures of me. (He would never do it, though.) So I have to be very careful around Blogger. :)

Hmm, this was a longer comment than I had planned... anyways, in like 12 more hours we will be seeing you guys! Yayz!

God bless, J.J.

Kevin Wegner said...

Nice pic's. That one of Rachel is funny. Those weird one's are always great.

Andrew Biddinger said...

Oh, I Rachel! that picture is strangely becoming. I just thought I would comment Hannah. :D

Rachel said...


Anonymous said...

Oh Rachel, the picture isn't that bad. It actually is quite becoming. ;)


Rachel said...

Quite indeed!!!!!
Sure! right! uha!

Kevin Wegner said...

Don't worry Rachel, I've had worse pictures taken of me. Like that one Ele took on New Year's Eve/Day. That one is scary.

Anonymous said...

Oh you all have nothing on me. :D

I take the worst pictures in all the world. I could find 500 awful pictures of me on this computer alone. ;)

So Rachel, just thank God you don't look like that in every picture. ;)

God bless, J.J.