Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The marshalls will soon be leaving); I hate to see them go, I will miss them all very much.
Trina is my best friend I love her very much. I just want her to know that she will be well missed. I am very happy that Mr. M, found work though! love you Katrina:)


J.J. Biddinger said...

Yes I know, Hannah, it's too sad they have to go. :(

But, that is what Blogger is for - to keep people connected from far away places, even from 5 states away. ;)

God bless, J.J.

The Marshall Artists said...

Love you to Hannah. I will miss you a lot, too. And as JJ said we can still keep in contact,By blog and many other ways.


The Marshall Artists said...

I just realized that J.J. said God Bless to him Self!

J.J. Biddinger said...


After "God bless," I wrote a comma. That means you are signing it. Like when you end it, "Sincerely, Catrina" - you aren't saying "The Sincere Catrina" or something, you are saying you write it sincerely.

When you end it with "God bless," you are telling the person, and people in general, to be blessed by God.

But it's okay for you to think I only bless myself. ;) Maybe it was because I did my name on the same as "God bless," as you did separate lines. :)

God bless someone other than myself,
J.J. (new space)

The Marshall Artists said...

I was Being Funny, J.J.


J.J. Biddinger said...


Yes, I knew. But it was fun writing out my long comment above. ;)


Ryan said...

Catrina, J.J. Was that an argument,where's the friendly cutesy.

God bless you(and me)